Our Wishes

We wanted to understand others ways of life, others behaviors, to meet men and women, to see thousands of smiles. We have choosen to observe our differences by the ceremony of the wedding, main tradition for every one.

A real wedding of love in Iran? How many cows a Tibetan must give to her family-in-law to get married to their son? Why did Khalifa choose Yasmina? Which future for Indians in love but from different socials castes? Why do we have to break crystal glasses on feet of Turkish grooms ? But how many women will Abdallah have at least ? Which Gods bless all these unions? Will a young Nepalese see his wife before marrying her? An homosexual wedding in Bangladesh!??!!

We hope we gonna find answers to these many interrogations. Our course has been defined perfectly, we managed to find the right budget, our motivation is more than high... it remains only one small unknown factor. How will we succeed in participating the weddings of Bethina, Yrzmef, Jounde and others? We will have to use of our talents of persuasion for convincing future grooms to let us joining the party. We are self confident. Natives from countries we will visit are well known for being particulary accomodating. We will also propose them not to come without anything ... Thanks to our digital cameras and our printer, we will offer them nice pictures of the ceremony.

This adventure begins on March 15, 2004 and we will be back on September 1. To share our observations, our surprises, our laughts, this website will be updated as often as possible.

To conclude, allow us to present you Michel Deon, a french writer who said once  a funny thing which may match with our spirit :

 "Singles are the ones who really pay attention to the wedding"

Understand what you want to ...


Weddings Reporters

GUILLAUME, (24 years old, single)

After a brillant beginning of career in Central America, Guillaume is a commercial in the heart.He is officially responsible for negotiations with people for joing local weddings.
Of a naturalness calm and posed, he will be the man of the couple in the delicate situations and will be able to find the right words to alleviate his team-member. Already a big specialist of weddings, he is the essential element to animate this kind of parties. Keen on contemporary architecture, he is also the intellectual of the trip.

Incidentally, he is supposed to supervise the expenditure of his team member and to take pictures(large plans) of the bride's female friends.


FRANCOIS-XAVIER, (25 years old, single)

After one year in Asia and two years in Slovenia, this little man called Ticou is an expert in sign language. He is the official interpreter of the project to communicate with natives.
Sensitive and affectionate, he will be the woman of the couple in the delicate situations and will be of good council to divert the difficulties. After having married all his brothers and sister, Ticou knows his business and will be able to bring invaluable logistic councils to the families of the grooms. Keen on the origin of the ethnic conflicts, he is also the geopolitical expert of the project.

 Incidentally, he is supposed to supervise the expenditure of his team member and to take pictures (large plans) of the bride's female cousins.